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Above are the standared oval glass eyes from Schoeffer that are in stock.  Special orders accepted for hand blown glass eyes.These eyes are standard stock I carry all the time but I can order any of Schoepfer eyes from the USA, they generally take around 3-4 weeks to arrive. These eyes have a flat back, uniform realistic human iris & pupil size.   High quality leaded crystal dome.  All eyes perfectly matched.                               
 Brochure with AUD prices available upon request.
Glass Oval Paperweight Eyes
Price Per Pair 6mm     $16.50 8mm     $16.50 10mm   $16.50 12mm   $16.50 14mm   $17.50 16mm   $17.50 18mm   $19.50  20mm   $19.50 22mm   $19.50 
Price DOES NOT INCLUDE Shipping to you.
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