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Have you ever asked yourself how the ancient artists such as J.D. Kestner Jr. cleaned porcelain greenware in their factories? Did they breathe in the harmful dust? the short answer is NO they didn't, they used a method utilizing brushes and water.                                    The T.I.B.’s Technique The T.I.Bs Technique of cleaning Porcelain greenware is patterned after the wisdom of the ancients, Tisha Ritter developed this technique after viewing a porcelain factory in the orient she went on to design a technique for the molds, porcelain and firing of our modern times. Tisha has tried and tested this method on her own reproduction dolls and has gone on to give seminars travelling all across the USA and Canada outlining the T.I.Bs Technique.  She also had an article published in the "Doll Crafter" in 1998, The secret to the success of the method is in the brushes and the T.I.Bs Technique.                                                T.I.Bs Too T.I.Bs Too begins where the T.I.Bs Technique of cleaning porcelain greenware ended it Hight lights repair work, add-ons and a unique way to customizing pieces from Dianna Effners commercial molds. Watch Tisha as she repairs cracks in a head, adds porcelain to create an eye lid that was melted away, eliminates pour lines with a simple few brush strokes and repairs a broken finger in minutes. The T.I.Bs Too DVD shows close up how to place pieces together to create life-like products, She will also amaze you with her own technique for placing teeth into the greenware and porcelain fingernails onto a greenware hand all these alterations were done in the greenware so they are fired into place eliminating the need for glue plaster or plastic in just minutes.                                Custom Pieces with T.I.B.’s Most exciting of all is the technique for customizing pieces that are poured using Dianna Effners commercial molds, Tisha received permission from Dianna Effner allowing her to produce a segment of the DVD, in fact Dianna encourages everyone to use their talents and imagination to create beautiful portraits using pieces from her molds, watch while Tisha changes the shape of a face, adds a chin, reshapes ears into elf ears and adds dimples to chins and cheeks. Dolls Sew Beautiful is the Sole Australian distributor for T.I.Bs brushes, tool and DVDs. 
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T.I.B's Technique Beginners Kit Item Price: $50.00
T.I.B's 6 Brush Set Item Price: $35.00
T.I.B's Too DVD Item Price: $12.00
T.I.B.’s Technique DVD Item Price: $12.00
T.I.B's Wire Tool Item Price: $4.50
T.I.B's Blushing Mop Item Price: $8.50
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